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working hours of solar r&d


involved pv projects on 6 continents


pv tracker review, design and optimization

pv tracker

we check and design tracker systems for securing project investment and cost optimization

  • state-of-the-art design methods with static and dynamic reference calculations
  • joint techno-economic optimization for significant cost reduction
  • innovative economic solutions for the next generation tracker
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fpv - floating photovoltaic

we increase the optical performance of your floating system while reducing cost

  • make your floating pv system more effective
  • reduce water evaporation
  • use bifacial modules profitably
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apv - agricultural photovoltaic

we design cost-efficient and large-span apv systems

  • save on land area and costs
  • optimize your farming potential
  • work with standard agricultural machinery
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ppv - parking lot photovoltaic

we increase the income of your parking lots

  • increase the rentability of parking lots
  • create a second source of stable income
  • shield your customers from rain, snow and hail
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bipv - building-integrated photovoltaic

we turn buildings into power stations

  • constructions with almost no additional costs
  • for buildings with a positive CO2 footprint
  • and also for buildings with maximised profitability
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we have the software for your individual needs

  • yield and cost analysis that lets us create the most economic solution
  • dynamic analysis, trends and optimisation potential
  • digital models for planning, tracking of construction and commissioning and efficient o&m
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we are researchers engineers consultants innovators consultants technology providers


your solution provider for solar energy

we research new technologies, develop products and assist and consult during production up to commissioning.
since the founding of schlaich bergermann partner in 1980 our aim has been to design and develop innovative structures – from long-span lightweight roofs, a wide range of bridge types, slender towers and innovative buildings, to pioneering solar power plants. today sbp sonne is focused on renewable energies, we develop innovative technologies and implement them worldwide.